Welcome to my homepage

The organ with its wide range has been a constant source of inspiration to me since I first learnt to play

the instrument in 1983.

Over the years I have been working especially with baroque music, also romantic works and performing presentation recitals and concerts of Danish organ music, also composing and performing new organ works.

Below, there is more about my compositions and recordings a certain amount of which can be heard on this homepage.  And some information about me.

You may like to listen to some few recordings on this site.  Amongst these are two CD,s, "Dagen Viger" and "Mariæ Bebudelse". Both recordings can still be heard on different streaming services on the net.

Here too, you can download, free, the sheet music of some of my compositions. 

Contact me for more information about possible recitals and concerts. 



Jesper Topp


Educated at the Academy of Music in Esbjerg, pupil of Peter Møller and Lasse Ewerlöf.  Obtained Diploma in Church Music in 1992.  Graduated in 1997 from the Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen Soloist class under Reader Hans Ole Thers.

Suplementary studies between 1989-2006 in London, Paris and Copenhagen with Nicholas Danby, Ian Simcock, Susan Landale, Bine K. Bryndorf and Hans Fagius;  masterclasses with Wolfgang Zerer, David Sanger and Michael Radulescu.

Has played numerous recitals in Denmark, France and Great Britain.  Various CD recordings; also, together with the soprano Janne Solvang. Has held the position of organist at Jerne Church since 1997.